A lot of information is available about most topics but we also know that it can be a problem to find what we need in a concise manner, when we need it. This blog doesn’t solve that.

For me this blog is an informal and partial trail of bread crumbs, reflecting bits of information I come across on the web while searching on specific topics. Using this free blog service from WordPress acts just like virtual publicly available notebook. For me the advantages are that I can refer back to it (I might be able to find something I read several month ago if I need to), and that other people might find it easier to come across information they are interested in.

When we work in a certain field some find it enjoyable to do some reading around the subject. Day jobs are often not a true reflection of the scope of our interests. A blog isn’t either for that matter.

As for the author of this blog, well, I like to think I can be semi-anonymous.


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