Applications that run from a USB stick/device offers a free open solution that enables you to run a selection of open source Windows applications from your USB stick. This concept quite innovative.

At the time of writing, the list of currently enabled applications is short, but never the less impressive. I trust that more will be added in time.

Consider this: without leaving any personal data behind on the computer you happen to be using, you can plug in your USB stick/device and:-

  • run Open Office
    • have your presentation AND the required software ready to go for that big meeting, so that it can be run from any PC
  • have access to the Firefox web browser with all your bookmarks on any computer
  • ability to check your email, address book and calendar (via Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • run the GIMP graphics/photo/image manipulation application
  • securely delete files using the Eraser application
  • access the 7-zip file archive application (which is .zip compatable)
  • demo the website you’ve been working on to your client using XAMPP which makes Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin available.
  • programmers:
    • edit files using Notepad++
    • edit a website using Nvu
    • run FileZilla, or FireFTP
    • run PuTTY or winSCP
  • granny gamers: Sudoku is now always at hand
  • listen to your favourite mp3’s without storing them on the actual computer using MPlayer or VLC Media Player.

It works with a range of devices such as USB stick/flash drive, iPod, portable hard drives.

The current ‘Standard Edition’ suite of apps fits comfortably on a 512MB USB device. Note that you can purchase 2gig USB sticks these days.


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