Open-source out of the box

I noticed a thought provoking article in the July 2007 PC Answers (UK) magansine. It asks, “Would you buy a PC that came with FireFox [web browser] and [an alternative to MS Office] instead of Microsoft software?”.

The article states that Firefox is said to be superiour to Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) but that most people are not aware of Firefox. The article also references a poster on the Dell website Ideastorm, which proposes that Firefox should come pre-installed on new systems as the default browser so that more people can discover it.

In addition, the PC Answers (UK) magansine article suggests that perhaps manufacturers could make PCs a bit cheaper by pre-installing instead of Microsoft Office, since the free open-source office suit can do just about anything that MS Office can do and that it has been shown to be suitable for business use which implies that it would therefore be more than adequate for the home user.


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