the alternative to MS Office

Have you purchased a new computer recently? Did they give you a micky mouse slimed down version of MS Office because you decided against the additional £250 upgrade option? Open Office is for you. (Linux/Windows) is a fully-featured office productivity suite, compatible with other market leading products such as MS Office. It is developed and improved by a virtual community.

Many people will have heard about it but there are those who haven’t. Use it… it’s good.

I feel that in the years to come many sectors such as government, public administration, and education should have to justify why they are not using it.

It has a similar look and feel to the Microsoft alternative. Some things are implemented differently which means there can be a bit of a learning curve but let’s face it, most of use don’t use 90% of the functionality in Office anyway.

The biggest selling points from my point of view are:

  • ability to open and save documents in Microsoft .doc format
  • and it’s free!

I generally use the word processor and spreadsheet.

One draw-back is that it takes a little while to start Open Office on my old laptop. I can generally live with that, and if I know I only need to do X, Y, Z I might use KWord or KSpread instead which also has .doc format compatibility.


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