effective spam filtering

If you’d had an email address of any length of time which has appeared on websites or otherwise been picked up by automated spammers you’ll be sick of receiving junk emails, not to mention how much of your time it eats up.

I make use of Kmail (Kontact) which is like Outlook Express in Windows for some websites which I maintain. One of the neat features of this is that several anti-spam filter tools are available (free!). I use Bogofilter which you teach initially. Yes, it learns. If it makes an incorrect classification (spam or not-spam), you teach it with a single mouse click.

I do however also make use of a free Google mail account via its intuitive web browser interface. This includes good spam filtering. Using providers such as Google mail means:

  • you can access your emails from any networked computer as nothing is stored on your home computer.
  • and in a backup sense since, you can still access all your emails if your home computer breaks.

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