e-community council

In February 2004 the ITC department (of Napier University, Scotland) received funding from the Scottish Executive to investigate how technology could be developed to help regenerate democracy at the local community level. The project was given the name e-community council. A full description of the project is available here.

Here is a link to the final report: An e-Democracy Model for Communities: Final Report of the e-Community Council Project.

This project is marked as completed (the project ran from February 2004 to January 2006).

Community councils are at the heart of local government in Scotland. They are small, local groups and are, by law, made up of members of their own community, giving them direct access to their constituents at a more detailed daily level than most politicians or local authority councillors could ever hope to achieve. They live in the community they serve, know personally many of the issues and can readily judge the impact of new or changed policies and suggestions from government. Currently they represent their constituents as best they can, relying on word-of-mouth, and may therefore not be as inclusive as they otherwise might be. They are often given little time to study fairly major proposals before their considered input is required. This project aims to address these problems by developing and testing a suite of e-democracy tools to support Community Councils.

ITC’s partners in this project are Stirling Council, the Association of Community Councils for the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park area, Stirling Assembly and the Association of Scottish Community Councils. The project has the support of Dr Sylvia Jackson MSP.


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